De'VIA Elders Reunion and De'VIA Reunion Conference

Empyreal Press is hosting the De'VIA Elders Reunion and the De'VIA Reunion Conference in late May 2016. Included in events is the De'VIA Reunion Celebration Gallery-- a chance to view artwork from the De'VIA Elders and other De'VIA artists who submit their artwork. Some artwork will be for sale so be sure to check it out if you can. All events will be held at Columbia College Chicago--in the C33 gallery and the C101 Gallery in 33 E Congress in downtown Chicago! Chicago is fast becoming the midwest home for De'VIA! 

The Reunion will lead to the completion of the De'VIA Framers: Deaf Artist Series which will be a significant addition to the Deaf Artist Series chroniclin the development of the original De'VIA Manifesto and give a glimpse into the thinking and artwork of the original framers of this important genre of art. 

This book will be available in January of 2017 if not before!

Jim Van ManenComment