The Fingerspelling Code Update

Each book has a development cycle and timeline. The Fingerspelling Code has the longest timeline of any book I have been involved with. I was so sure it would be done in 2015 that I allowed pre-orders to be sold for it during most of that year. I could give a list of reasons why it has been delayed. Each of which is a pretty good reason, but I will spare you the excuses and just say that it is not finished. It is a better book because of it, but it isn't done.

Empyreal Press now has a team of eight people working on it in various ways. Some entire sections have been rewritten numerous times. Every photo of more than 700 photos has been retaken and upgraded. It is as if an entirely new book was written over the top of the book that was there and there is more to revise and improve. The end in in sight, but I will no longer be making predictions about this book. Its release will be announced when it is sent to print.

If you are one of the lucky people who pre-ordered the book in 2015 you will get it, and a gift when the book comes out. Thank you for your patience. I do believe you will be happy with it when you see it. If you did order it and you have moved or need the book sent elsewhere, please do contact Empyreal Press so that may be arranged.

Jim Van ManenComment